"This type expertise is sorely needed- especially in the small business community where we often lack seasoned professionals on staff and one person wears many hats. A small business needs support that is responsive, affordable and practical. At the end of the day, this reduces contract risk. FIRST TEAM Solutions provides that package and more."

-Kathy McCool, Business Manager

“Thorough, precise and complete -- FIRST TEAM Solutions can be counted upon to help you plan, manage and deliver what is required on your contract. They understand the complex contract process so they can quickly identify negative issues and provide solutions to fix those issues."

-Dick Snow, Program Manager

"…You must be competitive to stay in the game - not only just performance but in price as well. Often - a start-up or small business needs help but hiring the specialists on staff 'tanks' the rates -- competitive edge goes out the door. FIRST TEAM Solutions is an excellent, cost effective approach for the start-up or small business to stay in the game and grow…"

-Skip Songy, Program Manager

"Based upon my personal experience, and as recognized by his peers in Huntsville, Joe Hidalgo is a consummate federal contracts management professional."

-John Callahan, Attorney

“A small business needs an advocate that understands Federal Government contracting and cuts to the chase on the issues. FIRST TEAM Solutions provides that clarity and that can make things happen.”

-Mike Shambaugh, Program Manager

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