“…FIRST TEAM Solutions provided clear guidance and coaching on my contracts and subcontracts – incredibly helpful navigating the FAR and DFAR by providing great and useful insights on what the Government Contracting Officer has to go through before they sign that contract…”

-Byron Hatfield, Program Manager

“Joe Hidalgo and FIRST TEAM Solutions have given our small company a World-Class contracts department! He supported us through our very first Firm Fixed Price (FFP) production contract… preparing and managing third-tier subcontracts (BTI subcontractors), and…assisted …with ITAR regulatory compliance for BTI-developed commercial products…We can’t stress enough how happy we are to have found this CRITICAL resource, which is FIRST TEAM Solutions!"

-Tim Brockwell, President, Brockwell Technologies, Inc.

"FIRST TEAM Solutions was instrumental in helping our small business capture our first contract by conforming to government style proposals, Terms & Conditions, and interpreting the FAR/DFAR. As a small business, we rely on experts in the industry to help us get started. "

-Warren Siao, President, The Tutelar Group

"Because -- There is no Gray"

      We operate in a fast-pace, high-tech world where there are many choices, many shades of gray. Every day -- we are confronted with a multitude of these choices. The lines of what the right path or the correct path may be are often blurred. The speed of our business culture typically rewards execution of timely decisions, often made with incomplete data. Whether we are developing an opportunity, negotiating a contract or forming an alliance, the mantra is – ‘Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way.’
     Speed is exceptional, yet a double edge sword. Many choices to choose from over the sea of gray appear right, but which one? Speed in making a decision will put things in motion quickly but is it the right path? Making a choice selects a course. It sets off events that will generate specific outcomes – positive or negative, BLACK or WHITE – that the organization will have to contend with because -- at the end of the day – there is no gray.

      Are you making the right choices?

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